Fall Is The Season Of Fires. Find Out Why.

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October 1, 2023

Fall Is The Season Of Fires. Find Out Why.

Learn how to safeguard your home from fires this fall season. Explore tips on candle safety, electrical precautions, and fireplace care. 

As the air grows cooler and leaves take on vibrant hues, many of us look forward to cozying up indoors. But did you know that fall is also a risky season for fires?

According to FEMA, candles alone cause an estimated 23,600 residential fires every year. This resulted in 1,525 injuries and a loss of $390 million in property. Let’s not forget the alarming number of incidents reported during Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can’t afford to neglect fire safety this season. So, how do you protect your home or business?

The Shocking Statistics: A Closer Look

Each year, candles injure 1,525 civilians, kill 165, and damage property worth $390 million. Around Halloween, an average of 9,200 fires erupt in a 3-day period. On Thanksgiving, about 2,300 residential disasters occur. These numbers should serve as a wake-up call. Clearly, fire prevention is not a topic to brush aside.

General Fire Prevention Tips

First, let’s talk smoke detectors. Install smoke alarms in key areas like the kitchen, bedroom, and hallway. Make sure you test smoke alarms every month. Next, equip your home with fire extinguishers. Learn how to use them correctly. Lastly, watch your electrical outlets. Overloading them is a fire hazard, as is ignoring frayed wires.

Candle Safety: A Must This Fall

Choose your candle’s location carefully. Drafts can tip them over. Always keep them away from curtains or anything flammable. Opt for candles with safer, lead-free wicks. A sturdy candle holder also goes a long way in preventing accidents. And don’t forget, snuff out all candles before you leave the room.

Preparing for the Holidays

Halloween is exciting, but be cautious. Use safe outdoor lighting and fire-resistant costumes. During Thanksgiving, exercise cooking precautions and ensure guest safety. As for fireplaces, a cozy hearth is tempting as the weather cools down. Yet, many ignore essential fireplace safety. Always clean your fireplace before and after use. Only use approved flame starters. Keep furniture and flammable materials at a safe distance. Ensure proper ventilation.

Take Action: Making Fire Safety a Priority

You’ve read the stats and the tips, so what next? Routine safety checks are crucial. Don’t overlook the importance of fire insurance. It’s also invaluable to have open discussions about safety with your family. Discuss your fire escape plan.

Stay Vigilant When it Comes to Fire Safety

Safety goes beyond reading tips to prevent fire. Implement these tips today. Make it a family effort. Because at the end of the day, understanding safety is important, but practicing it is what truly keeps you safe.

If you do find yourself grappling with the aftermath of a fire, don’t hesitate to call Perfect Timing Restoration for immediate assistance. We offer all the services you need to fix your home or business. This includes cleaning soot, getting rid of smells, fixing electrical issues, and repairing walls. PTR also takes care of packing and storing your items for an easy recovery. Count on us to make your space safe and livable again.

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By Leslie Radford
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