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Fire Damage

A fire can put the structural safety of your property in question. After a fire, we can help…

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Flood Damage

For those unexpected flooding disasters, we offer mitigation drying to keep your property structure dry and back to…

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Content Pack-Outs

When disaster strikes, you need a way to protect the contents of your home while we remodel. We…

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Emergency Services

When your home or business is affected by catastrophe, you need someone who will respond immediately. Our main…

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Insurance Claim Estimate

We can evaluate the repairs needed for your home to get you the most accurate quote for your…

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Extensive Remodel

Of course, your home doesn’t have to be struck with misfortune for PTR to remodel your home. If…

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PTR Restores More Than Just Properties. We Restore Lives.

Fire Damage

This includes but is not limited to pack-out and storage, soot removal...

Flood Damage

Our crew understands how to assess and identify the cause of a leak...


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You need someone who will respond immediately when disaster strikes. PTR is that company.

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We can manage the entire process.

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We can take care of your property quickly and efficiently.

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In the business of restoration and insurance since 1990.

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We can send a detailed estimate to your insurance.


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Perfect Timing Restoration offers exceptional service. I recently needed a restoration company for a water leak in my house so I contacted Perfect Timing Restoration. Their team offered exceptional service on all levels. They were quick, courteous, thorough, and highly trained. They were willing to go the extra mile to make this experience bearable. I would highly recommend them. Thanks guys for being so amazing.

I just want to say “KUDOS” to Perfect Timing Restoration. They were so professional & explained the process of our repairs to us while putting us at ease on what we could expect. They gave us a start & end date & were committed to that schedule through completion. We couldn’t be happier with their work & highly recommend their services.


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